Al Ahsa Airport (HOF)

Saudi Arabia (SA)

FAA CodePhone
Longitude49.485199Time ZoneAsia/Riyadh (GMT +3:00)
Runway 110039 ft
Al Ahsa - Riyadh Street
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Al Ahsa - Riyadh Street

6.93 miles away from airport

Al Asha - Riyadh St
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Al Asha - Riyadh St

6.96 miles away from airport

Al Asha - Riyadh St
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Al Asha - Riyadh St

6.96 miles away from airport

Al Ahsa Airport Destinations List

This list shows the 3 locations you can fly from Al Ahsa Airport airport

Destination IATA Airlines Flying Route
King Abdulaziz InternationalJEDSaudi Arabian Airlines
King Khaled InternationalRUHSaudi Arabian Airlines
Sharjah InternationalSHJAir Arabia

Al Ahsa Airport Destinations Map

Al Ahsa Airport Reviews (2)

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I Don't Know

Niko Carabeo, October 22, 2012 at 2:29 pm

I didn’t get inside the airport but I saw it from the outside. I don’t think I would agree that AlAhsa domestic Airport is busy. Because the moment I saw the airport outside, it looked like it was empty. In fact, I thought it was inactive. Even though I saw two parked Saudi Arabian planes. When I saw the airport it was around 9/10pm so it was dark already. According to what I know, an active airport or can I say a "busy domestic airport" should have the runway lightened, shouldn’t? But it is not what I saw. I am not saying this for AlAhsa Domestic Airport to look bad. I am only saying what I saw. And in fact, I lived in AlAhsa as well. So the bottom line here is I don’t believe with what Dr Abdullah Al-Azraqi said about the airport, but would agree that the airport is used by frequent Aramco flights, because yes, it is near Aramco (an Arab American oil company).

Windy Windy

Abdullah Al-azraqi, January 27, 2007 at 8:45 pm

This small airport, compared to other national airports of the Kingdom, is yet busy not only with Saudia Airlines domestic flights but also with frequent Saudi Aramco flights. This is because the airport is in the heart of the richest oil field in the world (Ghawwar field). Most of Saudia flights are to Riyadh and some to Jeddah. This airport serves 1.3 million and people here feel that there is need for more flights to and from HOF. Being in the heart of Dahna desert, which is located between to different pressure zones, the wind is almost 24 hrs! and passengers, not pilots of course, experience difficulties during landing in particular. This phenomenon is exaggerated since all flights are operated on MD90-30 and Embraer-170 airplanes. Larger airplanes usually do not bother !!

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