Inhambane Airport (INH)

Inhambabe, Mozambique (MZ)

FAA CodePhone
Longitude35.4085007Time ZoneAfrica/Maputo (GMT +2:00)
Runway 12625 ftRunway 24921 ft

Inhambane Airport Destinations List

This list shows the 3 locations you can fly from Inhambane Airport airport

Destination IATA Airlines Flying Route
OR Tambo InternationalJNBAir Mozambique
MaputoMPMAir Mozambique
VilankuloVNXAir Mozambique

Inhambane Airport Destinations Map

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Complaint Of Bribery And Intimidation

Terry Thompson, December 27, 2012 at 11:19 am

My daughter and son-in-law went to Tofu on Honeymoon recently and entered Inhimbane airport they were told that NO alcohol was allowed to be ‘imported’ (they had a few bottles of wine from their wedding). They had to pay R450. They insisted on a receipt – no name on the receipt. Officials were rummaging through their luggage checking what else they could find! After an Idyllic honeymoon upon return at the airport it was found that their passports were NOT STAMPED ON ENTRY! (I have since heard this is a common practice). They were rudely told to wait aside and treated awfully and accused of entering the country illegally and were told they must pay a fine or be jailed. When they argued they had the fine (received on entry) and their boarding passes to prove they entered via the Airport and were not illegal immigrants – the guards were called. Eventually the plane was waiting for them and was about to take off and the only alternative was pay up and leave or stay and face jail. My son-in-law was forced to pay R6000 as a FINE. I find this totally outrageous as it was the fault of the customs officials who never stamped the Passports when they were presented. Once again, they insisted on the officials name (refusal to give it) AND the receipt never had any officials name of it. This leaves an extremely bad taste in a young couple’s life of their first experience of Mozambiquem.

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