Daugavpils International Airport (DGP)

Daugavpils, Latvia (LV)

FAA CodePhone
Longitude26.6650009Time ZoneEurope/Riga (GMT +2:00)

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Pavel Antonov, March 14, 2006 at 6:54 pm

I not only visited DGP area, I lived close to it all my life until 2005 March, when I came to UK to work. This airport is actually former USSR AirForce base. When being child I often used to go there to look jet fighters (probably MiGs?) taking off and landing threesome, sometimes up to eleven together. It’s been worth to see, you may believe me. Not only jet fighters were there. I’ve seen many times enormously huge transport aircrafts landing there. Runway is actually very, very long. In late 70’s and 80’s local services (Aeroflot) from Daugavpils to Riga and Minsk were using this runway (I remember myself flying on board an An-24 from and to DGP). Later, when USSR was been demolished, so was this magnificient place. Some local "businessmen" privatized it, actually doing nothing to maintain the runway in proper condition. Last company I remember, which owned former DGP, was Latgales Avio SIA (SIA is for Ltd., in English – oh, yeah, very, very limited :-) As far as I remember, the ground for this runway was been prepared very thoroughfully, it was been developed about 4 or 5 years – enormous work, indeed. Only Soviet Defence Ministry could allow itself to spend unlimited resources for such a great work. Meaning this was an AirForce base, a lot of underground fuel tanks were built there, too. Some of them I’ve seen when they were in progress – sweet Jesus, they’re incredibly deep! Moreover – Daugavpils has railways directed to Riga, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin and Kaliningrad (former Prussian Koenigsberg). Not far from this location there’s petrol pipeline from Russia to Latvian sea port Ventspils. So no wonder such a huge construction was built in this very place. Strategically, Daugavpils is the point of great importance, I hope, some time it will revive after all disasters of 90’s, and my children will have the possibility to live and work in their native country, which we love so much, not as foreign alliens somewhere abroad… Maybe, sometimes visiting their father in the UK by flying directly from DGP. This great and enormously beautyful place deserves better fortune. I have a dream… God is my witnees, I have such a crazy dream! :-)

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