Manas International Airport Destinations List

This list shows the 22 locations you can fly from Manas International Airport airport

Destination IATA Airlines Flying Route
Atatürk InternationalISTAir Florida, Turkish Airlines
Sabiha Gökçen InternationalSAWPegasus Airlines
Dubai InternationalDXBFly Dubai
AlmatyALAAir Astana, Cyprus Turkish Airlines
Astana InternationalTSEAir Astana
OshOSSAir Florida, Cyprus Turkish Airlines, Apache Air
IrkutskIKTComores Airlines
PulkovoLEDAeroflot Russian Airlines, Cyprus Turkish Airlines
YemelyanovoKJAAir Florida, Cyprus Turkish Airlines
TolmachevoOVBComores Airlines, Air Florida, S7 Airlines, Cyprus Turkish Airlines
Krasnodar InternationalKRRAir Florida
Chelyabinsk BalandinoCEKAir Florida
SurgutSGCComores Airlines, Cyprus Turkish Airlines
KoltsovoSVXComores Airlines, Air Florida, Ural Airlines, Cyprus Turkish Airlines
DushanbeDYUTajik Air, Cyprus Turkish Airlines
Tashkent InternationalTASUzbekistan Airways, Air Florida
Domodedovo InternationalDMEGabon Airlines, Comores Airlines, Air Florida, Ural Airlines, Cyprus Turkish Airlines, Apache Air
Sheremetyevo InternationalSVOAlitalia, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Belgorod InternationalEGOComores Airlines
Kazan InternationalKZNCyprus Turkish Airlines
Chinggis Khaan InternationalULNTurkish Airlines
Ürümqi Diwopu InternationalURCChina Southern Airlines, Comores Airlines, Air Florida

Manas International Airport Destinations Map

Manas International Airport Reviews (6)

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Alex Campbell, October 13, 2011 at 3:46 pm

Discovered that they do not like you taking photos once in the departure lounge. It cost me $100 to ‘convince’ the 2 young policemen that they were not going to take my camera. Mind you they knew how much they wanted – they had it all on the cellphone because they could not speak English. I bought a small bottle of local liquor but on arrival at security screening in LHR – changing terminals -it was confiscated. Was told I could put in my bag and then check my bag – which does not make any sense. Thank goodness it only cost $5. The airline gave no warning of this and I cannot find anything about the ‘policy’ anywhere. The lady ahead of me at screening had a large bottle of booze that she had bought in Armenia confiscated.

Manas Airport

Alex Campbell, October 8, 2011 at 1:51 pm

Had a long wait to by a Visa at the airport but there was no hassle. Lots of people trying to get to use their "taxi" but there is a taxi office right beside the Arrivals gate. My "contact" was not there to meet me and I got a lot of help – including use of a WiFi and cellphone to get in touch. Not the most exciting airport but no problems – on arrival at least.

Mamas Airport Bishkek

Vitor Roque Monteiro, December 27, 2008 at 7:33 am

I had been trough Manas airport between October and December. Exchange is available 24 hours but cash advance and Western Union only during day. To fly forward (ie Osh) you can buy tickets around the clock, even if you have to wake people up sleeping behind the front desk. Taxi drivers will over insist to take you. Take just a cab with sign. Average trip to down town center is 400 Som. If you you are a MAN even if you don’t speak Kyrgyzsh or Russian try the minibus 390 to Osh Bazar in Bishkek for 15 Som and from there any other inside city for 8 Som. People are friendly but keep distance from over friendly people. Do not walk alone at night. Get a map. Enjoy your stay.

Manas Airport

David Smith, July 1, 2008 at 8:03 am

OK airport. An ATM is available. Didn’t see any "warplanes" only U.S. military transport planes, which I was very happy to see.

Manas International Airport

John Walker, May 15, 2008 at 8:22 pm

The airport terminal has improved a lot since the last time I visited Bishkek. All three check-in areas (Domestic, CIS, International) have gone through renovation and toilets were clean and had paper, too. Cash machines (ATM), Forex kiosks, storage rooms were functioning well. However, there is no great choice for food and for last-minute shoppers – be prepared to a lot for souvenirs. Customs, immigration and quarantine (if you have a pet) are friendly enough if you are confident. Make sure you have a car waiting for you or have some local currency ready to pay for a cab. In March 2008 taxi to the city was around KGS300.

Manas Airport

Michael Fudge, May 29, 2006 at 7:25 am

A grey, but not unpleasant terminal. Customs declaration must be filled out within the terminal – English forms not always available. Have somebody waiting for you if you don’t speak Russian. Bathrooms OK, no toilet paper though. No ATM or money changing facility, although snacks etc available accept US dollar. When departing don’t arrive too early, check-in gate opens 2 hours prior. Be confident when dealing with immigration officials. US warplanes on the tarmac are a little off-putting.

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