Nikunau Airport (NIG)

Nikunau, Kiribati (KI)

FAA CodePhone
Longitude176.4100037Time ZonePacific/Tarawa (GMT +12:00)

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Rustic Runways

Evelyn V. Parr, May 19, 2007 at 2:12 am

Well, we had a nice "terminal", but a huge rain and wind storm came through, tearing off the tin roof, hurling it 100m. So, now we have pretty palm trees and shade to keep us at our 5 star rating. Imagine, awaiting an 8 seater airplane with the untouched beaches at your side and an ocean breeze constantly whispering the plane is coming. Ghost planes we called them. The "runway" was a great setting to learn how to drive a motorbike, very few potholes, fairly wide, though get any 737’s and up, not going to happen. The northern part of the island would fall into the ocean and the poor airplanes wings would smash against rows of palm trees. The NIG airport is a great welcome to the most beautiful, secluded island you’ll ever imagine. If you are lucky enough to see it, make sure to look past your ideals of what a "runway" should be. Beware though, you might think you’ll fall into the ocean from the short runway, but you won’t. The pilots are good at stopping short.

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