Jérémie Airport (JEE)

Jeremie, Haiti (HT)

FAA CodePhone
Longitude-74.1703033Time ZoneAmerica/Port-au-Prince (GMT -5:00)

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About The Jeremie Airport

Brian Zurita, October 16, 2009 at 4:43 pm

Contrary to the 2005 posting titled "Stop Fooling People", this actually is an airport. It is true that it’s lone east-west gravel runway is still not paved, but it is an airport nonetheless. It has a very small terminal that sits south of the runway and north of the main road (also unpaved, as are most roads in Haiti) that services the airport. The building contains a couple of ticket counters used by the limited number of regional airlines that serve it. There is no X-ray machines. Instead, a table blocks half of the doorway to the building. Plan to arrive early enough to allow the security guard time to go through all of your bags by hand on this table. The delays shouldn’t be too great, as the planes that serve Jeremie from Port-au-Prince are Let L-410 Turbolet and other similar small propeller-driven planes that typically seat around 20 passengers. This means that there won’t be too many other passengers in line with you, and they won’t have too much baggage (the small planes can only hold so much luggage). The waiting area consists of an outdoor seating area that until the last couple of years was wide open to the outside. It is now secured with metal grillage over all openings and a locked gate in the doorway. Arriving planes taxi to a gravel area immediately east of the terminal building. Deplaning passengers wait outside on the north side of the terminal for their bags. After retrieving their bags, they may walk to their ride in the parking area that is immediately west of the building, or hire one of the airline buses that will take them into town. Once the plane is cleared of all passengers and luggage from the arriving flight, passengers for the departing flight will board. Luggage will be loaded into the cargo compartments of the aircraft and will also be placed in any open seats in the back of the aircraft. The United Nations frequently flies larger cargo planes in and out of this airport. When they do, a couple of two and a half ton trucks will descend on the airport and disgorge peace keepers who will line the runway until the plane comes or goes. One last note. As with most public places in Haiti, the toilet is far below Western standards. You would be wise to take care of this business before arriving at the airport.

Stop Fooling People

John Laforest, March 5, 2006 at 1:17 pm

I am from Jeremie, I was there two years ago. This is not an airport OK. I wish my hometown had a real airport. I wish my country had a real airport for that matter. Two companies are making big profits by flying people to and from Jeremy for hundred of US dollars and they can not even get together to at least paved the runway. This situation is very dangerous for all the wonderful Jeremians who take to the air everyday to try to maintain certain living conditions in an otherwise troubled country. I did not name my son Jeremy for no reason, my hometown is always in my heart and hopefully God will give me enough strenght to materialize all the plans I have for it.

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