Pointe Noire Airport (PNR)

Pointe Noire, Congo (Brazzaville) (CG)

FAA CodePhone
Longitude11.8865995Time ZoneAfrica/Brazzaville (GMT +1:00)
Runway 18530 ft
Pointe Noire Airport
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Pointe Noire Airport

0.52 miles away from airport

Pointe Noire Airport
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Pointe Noire Airport

0.52 miles away from airport

Pointe Noire Downtown
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Pointe Noire Downtown

0.66 miles away from airport

Pointe Noire Downtown
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Pointe Noire Downtown

0.66 miles away from airport

Pointe Noire Airport Destinations List

This list shows the 9 locations you can fly from Pointe Noire Airport airport

Destination IATA Airlines Flying Route
CadjehounCOOMauritania Airlines International, Varig Log, Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines, South African Airways
OR Tambo InternationalJNBSouth African Airways
Maya-MayaBZVRoyal Air Maroc, Estafeta Carga Aerea, Varig Log, Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines
Douala InternationalDLAPacific East Asia Cargo Airlines
Port GentilPOGEstafeta Carga Aerea
Libreville Leon M'ba InternationalLBVEthiopian Airlines, Hapagfly, Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines
Mohammed V InternationalCMNRoyal Air Maroc
Bole InternationalADDEthiopian Airlines
Charles de Gaulle InternationalCDGAir France, Varig Log

Pointe Noire Airport Destinations Map

Pointe Noire Airport Reviews (7)

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Pointe Noire Airport

Brian G, November 13, 2011 at 3:47 pm

I arrived in Pointe Noire on 2 November 2011. The usual chaos, but my luggage arrived (carried by Ethiopian Air). I had an agent from GETMA as a guide, but my bag was still searched by customs. Once out of the airport, we were accosted by touts con-men and traders, selling anything from a shoeshine, to phone cards. MTN is the only "reliable" mobile phone service in Congo. On my departure, the customs officials were still into their old habits of "checking" wallets for local currency, but they are clearly after US dollars or Euros. The restaurant in the departure lounge is a joke. No smoking allowed anywhere and the only change for $$$ is their CFA. Still light years away from civilization. The town is filthy, roads full of potholes and crawling with militia and police.

The Graduation Of Pointe Noire Airport

Rick Purinton, January 9, 2011 at 9:12 am

Well, I’m pleased to see things are improving (some what) now. Anything is better than it was in 2001. What seemed like a two room terminal with one dim light bulb was definitely a experience to remember. The United Nation Emergency Relief Fund would have gone a long way. I’m reading the locals are still extorting money. I got nailed with a $10,000 CFA fine. Actually, they didn’t know what a fiber optic fusion splicer was except it looked expensive. Definitely make sure your agent is going to be there to greet you when you arrive other wise you may get to meet the other welcoming person, his name I later found out, was "911". He’s kidding right? Nope. That’s his name. Try and keep some humor. Pointe Noire has more characters than a best selling novel.

Much Improved In Past 5 Years

Paul Ashton, October 31, 2009 at 10:53 am

The history of comments rings true for my memory of the "old days". I am happy to say that the new terminal is a 1000% improvement and there does seem to be less of the casual money collection going on. Using a local agent makes excellent sense, as does the advice to be firm but not aggressive when dealing with local requests for money, etc. If in doubt, give in and carry some small change (dollars or euros if you don’t have CFAs). You will need to have a yellow fever certificate but $20 may let you through! The tax on computers seems to have gone away. The airport area is relatively safe as is the city center but always be cautious at night.

Pointe Noire Airport

Sami Chege, March 2, 2009 at 10:10 am

As from the early posts, the airport in Pointe Noire has changed. It is now much much better, organised and clean. As of security, Pointe Noire is a relatively safe place. The police/military will always look for a reason to get money out of you… but hey, this happened almost anywhere else!

Pointe Noire

Lisa W, September 5, 2007 at 3:41 pm

Just returned from the Congo. Best advise…. USE A LOCAL AGENT! We used Palapino (spelling?). They arranged everything and did a spectacular job! It appears quite safe but the risks are present. Do not use cameras or have any electronics in the open. Be careful where you go – reports of working ex pats being attacked as they walked south on the beach past Hotel Azul. Taxi rides should not cost more than 700-2000 XAF. I roughly calculated that 1000 xaf equals approx 2 US Dollars. Do not argue with the local police or militia but also play a little dumb if confronted. They may attempt to get money from you. They tend to give up if your are polite but firm.

Point Noire Airport

Alex S, July 23, 2006 at 10:04 pm

Like the previous poster reported, the airport is a charming place and currently all services are in a barn like a structure without real walls, next to a modern terminal building under construction. In addtion to paying a laptop fine during security screening, the personnel also tried to get any local currency we carried in our pockets.


Hemanth Reddy, April 14, 2006 at 6:45 pm

This airport sees a lot of traffic mainly from surrounding countries, South Africa, Belgium & France. Chartered flights operated mostly. Even regional airlines operating out of this country are leased from South Africa, including the crew. Expect to see people, cattle etc running across the runway when taxing. Assorted farming carried out on either side of the runway. Basic facilities, open air snack bar serving minimal (local) fare. Security lounge non existant, just assorted chairs mostly broken. Baggage claim area is where a porter brings the bags & holds them up for you to raise your hand & claim. Carrying a laptop, even from within Congo – B results in a fine / charge of Cfa 5000 (about $ 10 USD) for no apparent reason. Vehicle parking non existant. Watch out for Touts & Pickpockets, book cab & hotel stays before reaching there. Negotiate fares & bargain hard. Don’t expect to hire a cab from the airport, fleeced would be an understatement to describe your experience.

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