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View airport codes, contact details, location coordinates and much more on our mobile app.

You can now access the airport codes and much more whilst on the move from your mobile or tablet device.

The World Airport Codes app is beautifully designed, easy to use and provides all the necessary information within a few short moments for each of the 9,000+ airports featured around the world.

Available on Google Play (Android) and iTunes (iOS) store.

You can download the app for only £1.49 / $1.99(US) / €1.59, so do not hesitate to buy it now!

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Why download our app?

Makes searching for the airport details easy and fast

  • Do you work in aviation and need to get a specific airport’s code on the go?
  • Are you a pilot who needs to double-check the code for a specific airport?
  • Are you an aviation student and are trying to learn as many airport codes by heart as you can?
  • Does one of your daily tasks involve booking business and personal air travel where you need to enter airport code details on a regular basis and need a convenient way to access them?
  • Do you work for a cargo/freight shipping company and need to double-check the airport code just in case?
  • Are you a plane spotter with a keen interest in world airport codes?
  • Do you call yourself an avid aviation gamer who simply HAS to know all the airport codes in the world?

Do we get a yes to at least one of the above?

Get World Airport Codes App. Every airport in your hands.

If you would like to submit any suggestions, report a newly opened airport or a runway in your area or simply want to share your thoughts with us please get in touch!

World Airport Codes mobile app is developed and managed by Fubra Limited, the team behind another travel booking app, Airport Parking Shop app.

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